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Why Matador?

There is a virile, sexy, strong, impressive warrior in each of us.  Whether you are a bearded warrior, a crossfit warrior, or a high performance tech warrior, each of us has the power to make massive gains in our physical, mental, sexual, work, and athletic performance.

At Matador, we want to help you summit your next life challenge.

Grow the fullest, healthiest, most luxurious beard you’ve ever dreamed of in no time flat.

Get lean and mean in the gym with incredible muscle mass and lose the belly fat – forever.

Achieve the most intense, shredding workouts and recover faster than ever before.

Perform in the bedroom longer, harder, and with greater intensity to have your partner lusting for more.

Reign in distractions and capitalize on laser focus, memory, and concentration.

With our products, we aren’t f***ing around.


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